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Tea for men: or are there beverages that they would like more?

Tea for men: is it all they will ever want to drink? Or are there other beverages that they might like to have from time to time? In this article, we will name a couple of beverages that men will appreciate at certain times, because of an activity in which they are participating or maybe because of the weather conditions at that given time. We will end with some information about which beverage is most nutrient for people in general and what beverage should better be avoided.

What beverages do men like besides tea?

One of the most popular drinks among men is beer. Beer, pilsner specifically, was first made in the town of Pilsen in former Austria-hungary. They often drink it when there is a sports event on television (they have snacks like cooked ribs, fried chicken or other fast food on the side) or when the weather outside is hot. That last moment is not a great moment to drink alcohol, because alcohol withdraws fluid from the body. Water is therefore a better option, since heat causes people to sweat which also means fluid being withdrawn from the body. Men often drink beer instead of water, because it is very refreshing and tasteful. Men also appreciate several soft drinks, juices, shakes and smoothies. Some shakes are drunk because of their nutritional value as part of a sports diet.

(Un)healthy beverages

An example of a healthy beverage is fruit juice that is homemade (this will guarantee there aren’t any added sugars, artificially or naturally). This contains a lot of vitamins. It is advisable to choose fruit that doesn’t have a lot of natural sugars (so steer clear of apples and bananas) and to combine the fruits with vitamin rich vegetables. Examples of unhealthy beverages that should be avoided as often as possible are soft drinks, soda’s and sweet shakes. These contain loads of sugar and pose serious health risks when consumed too often.